Davide fant

Davide Fant is originally from Belluno, Italy. At the age of ten, he started classical piano, began playing the electric guitar at the age of fourteen and began performing in local bands.

In The Early 2000s, Davide joined the Accademia Musicale Lizard di Fiesole where he was selected to study under the celebrated session guitar player Massimo Varini. Soon thereafter, he began recording and mixing a few local bands; one of which was distinguished and eventually signed: WoodOfLight. Afterwards

Davide moved to Los Angeles where he further perfected his skills and mastered the art of mixing, being lucky enough to be mentored by some of top guy in the business as Francis Buckley (Wilson Phillips, Alanis Morisette, Quincy Jones), David Isaac (Aretha Franklin, Barry White, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston) and Mikal Reid (Alice Cooper, Ben Harper, Mick Jagger, Aerosmith).

In the last few years Davide worked with many Los Angeles based bands and artists, helping them to get closer to their dreams.