Katsuya “Kats” Sezaki

Katsuya “Kats” Sezaki won a National Orchestra Award as a percussionist, and graduated from Hiwassee College in 2004 with an award for Outstanding Choral Member. He went on to receive his Bachelor Degree in Music from Musicians Institute, where he currently teaches at as an instructor. In 2009 and 2015, Kats was the recipient of MI’s Instructor of the Year Award voted by all the students from Vocal Department. 


As a producer and arranger, Kats has produced and arranged for many artists from all over the world, most notably Chinese artists Faye Wong and Yaojia Jiang. As a freelance music transcriber and copyist, he has transcribed the award-winning Musical “American Heartbeat” written and composed by Martha Velez (Bob Marley, Eric Clapton). He also has transcribed the musical drama “Temple of the Souls” for platinum-selling songwriting team, Dean Landon and Anika Paris. His ultimate passion lies in helping songwriters for their dreams to come true.